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Model A1369, 1.6, 1.7, or 1.8 GHz Processor, 64, 128 or 256GB Flash Storage

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Why is my MacBook shutting down randomly?

I recently changed the LCD display of my macbook air after it got broken and I was told at the apple authorised provider that there was liquid damage to my mac. Anyway, it was working fine prior to the change and thereafter until these random display of 'are you sure you want to shut down' then off it goes.

The problem doesn't crop up if I"m typing or using the trackpad. I took it back to get it fixed but was told to get a new mac. I 'm wondering if its the i/o board or logic board. Please somebody help

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Do an SMC reset, which can sometimes fix random shut down problems. Run the Apple hardware test to see if it picks up any obvious hardware issues. Check out this article.

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Thanks Machead, i did all what you suggested SMC reset, PRAM reset and Hardware check using disk utility, still problem not resolved. However this problem of persistent shut down and restarting occurs either with battery or AC power. As I said earlier the only time it doesn't is when i'm typing, using the track pad or place a finger on the track pad.

I have gone to the 2 apple providers in my area without any luck, what they told me is to get another mac, so I have resulted to self help.

I'm attaching the power info for you to see;

Battery Information:

Model Information:

Serial Number: D86140603BXDKRNAY

Manufacturer: SMP

Device Name: bq20z451

Pack Lot Code: 0

PCB Lot Code: 0

Firmware Version: 406

Hardware Revision: 000a

Cell Revision: 162

Charge Information:

Charge Remaining (mAh): 4678

Fully Charged: No

Charging: No

Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 6151

Health Information:

Cycle Count: 138

Condition: Normal

Battery Installed: Yes

Amperage (mA): -1347

Voltage (mV): 7852


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I have a 2008 black Macbook doing exactly the same thing. SMC reset does NOT work.

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for macbook 2008, follow the steps below

1. remove battery and power adapter

2. press and hold power button for 5 second

3. wait for a minute and then connect battery and power adapter

SMC reset Done.

Reply if you need help PG/-

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Have the same problem. Authorized Apple technicians told me the Mac needs a logic board replacement (not worth it).

Waiting for further news.

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