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Which SSD drive to install in the MacBook Pro 13 (mid 2012)?

Hello all,

I have recently (read: 3 days ago) bought my first Mac - MBP 13", 2.5 GHz version. I want to upgrade it to 512 SSD Drive, but the Apple authorised shops (I'm in Czech Republic, Apple has only a web-store) that are willing to provide - and change - the HDD to SSD are very expensive (around 800€, approx. $970). Therefore, I have decided to do it myself. And although I have managed to find online guides for changing the disk (playing with the screws etc.) it is nowhere specified what disk exactly does it have to be.

What are the SSD specs that I should be aware of? Size, SATA/ATA/... Are there any SSD disks you would recommend? (I am not much of a "hardware" guy - I don't generally like to mess around with hardware, although I am fairly capable of playing around with software stuff, so please write it idiot-proof, okay?



Thanks Machead3, that is what I needed!

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From the Early 2011 MacBook Pro model on are equipped with 6.0 Gb/s SATA 3.0 Remember to disconnect the power, battery and let it cool before working on the unit. You'll want a drive (or adapter) that fits into the 2.5" holder.

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I'm willing to do the same as Petar. My idea is to remove the optical DVD drive and buy a 256MB SSD. I've seen that I'll need a sort of "disk carrier" in order to fit where the optical drive was before. I've seen those are called "caddy" or "bay" but I have no idea why there are so much difference in prices. I've seen 5 or 10 options close to USD 10 , and one or two above USD 50. Which one would you recommend and why?

I've digged into the SSD and I'll go with an OCZ


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I have heared that macbook pro 13" has different connectors for SSD. Can some one confirm this.?

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aasimwaheed -- For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the Add Comment link, or create your own Question. The new MBP are using, again, a different sort of drive connector. OWC has upgrade drives for these new models.


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