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MacBook Pro models with a 15" display

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Laptop-Mac Pro- lost Safari icon & can't get it back.

Turned on computer and the Safari Icon was no longer there. I can't get on line now. How do I get it back. Have tried everything I could locate. mac pro 15"

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I can't find my safari app




how do i bring safari back on my computer


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Open your hard drive and do a search for Safari, it probably just got moved. That failing, reinstall from your system installation disk.

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Mayer ... It isn't in the applications folder. Tried that first off. Question: in restalling the system installation disk will I lose all of my bookmarks, doc. etc.? The Mac, at this point has my life on it. However, I will do it if that is what it takes.

I did go to the upper right hand corner imagnifying icon which had a Safari folder with the history and bookmarks in it. But no way to get on the Internet.

I think I'll go to another computer, save the website that was suggested to a memory stick and try to install it that way. But first, if you see this and can let me know if I will lose, or not, everything built up on the computer. Have you had this happen? Seems very strange to me.

Thanks for the imput from you both.


If you have another Mac with Safari on it, just drag the app to a flash stick and put it on your machine.


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If you do not see Safari in Application Folder, simply follow this link and install:

If you see Safari in the Application folder, simply drag from there on to Dock. Enjoy Safari!

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How's she going to get online to get it?


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