Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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Does battery swelling problem exist for this model?

I experienced a battery swelling problem with an older, non-unibody 17" MacBook Pro. Is the battery in the presently produced 17" unibody MacBook Pro prone to the same problem?

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I've never seen a swollen battery in a Unibody model, but lots of them in the older machines.

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I have only seen it once on a unibody MacBook Pro, but that was because the owner left it in the trunk of his car in the summer in Tucson (115 degrees). I do not think it will just swell from regular use, but if it is exposed to hot weather it has a chance of swelling and damaging the machine.

Hope this Helps

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Battery is after all a consumable item so it is not designed as robust as everyone wants it to be. Yeah depending on usage macbook batteries are still prone to swelling. I think Apple should have a "Swollen Battery Service Program" if it doesn't exist yet.

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"Swollen Battery Service Program", really? ROTFLMAO


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Hi there,

Yes my macbook pro early 2009 unibody (A1297) had a battery swelling problem. It forced the trackpad higher and bulged the bottom of the unibody case.

Just happened with age. Cant tell you when it started cos I bought it like that.

If you take it into apple, and tell them about it, they might replace the battery for free.

They did with mine and that fixed the trackpad and case bulged. brand new again. :-)

FYI: I didnt tell them I bought it second hand. I also did tell them that the problem is a well known issue

which it is. They know this. Make sure they check the history on this macbook pro. The genius guy nearly charged me until he continued reading on his ipad.



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