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Is it possible to replace the non-swappable battery?

I read somewhere that the battery on the new macbook pro (non-retina) is advertised to sustain 1000 charges. After the battery is dead, can I replace the "non-swappable" battery - by myself or via Apple care's services ?

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Yes, even though Apple puts a label on the battery that says non removable there is only one try-wing screw holding it in place and replacement are relatively easy to find because if has the same battery as the 2011 model. Apple also will replace your battery for (I believe) $200 at the store.

Hope this helps

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Yes, you're right. Also, I add that, of course, when the Macbook is still on warranty, servicing it at home may void the warranty, so, it's a good advice letting the Genius Bat techies do their job.


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