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My xsara Picasso is overheating. What should I do?

Is there any quick fixing tip? Thanks!

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What engine does it have? Is it a Diesel?


Is anyone able to help me? The coolant is full, I don't know where I am looking to trouble shoot.


I've got a Picasso and the waters leaking out of the front it was lasting couple of days now when I fill it it lasts ten mins then I have to fill the coolant bottle again think it's a pipe as there's a puddle in front of car on the floor can anyone confirm this please


I have a Citroen Xsara.. And water is coming on the front passenger bottom. I read on internet and found that it is the heater matrix that is leaking. I checked visually and it's true.

Still searching a solution without having to remove dashboard. I heard there is a glue.


I have Citroen Picasso xsara it won't hightling , and is making a sound like is a diesel , while is a petrol, we were working on cylinder head is fitted with everything that needs from engineering can sm body help me


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Richard, there are a few possibilities. First check to make sure that you do have enough coolant in your reservoir. Then make sure that your fans are working. the Picasso has a two speed fan system. The second speed comes on when it gets hotter. If it does not come on check the rheostat on your fan. If that works okay, check your thermostat. It is possible that it is stuck. After that I would be looking at checking the water pump. No quick fix available but definitely a must to trouble shoot. You would not want to overheat your engine, warp the head and cause engine damage. So I would not drive it to much until you determined the cause for the over heating. In the attached diagram number 4 are the fan resistors and number 17 the thermostat Hope this helps, good luck.

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Block Image

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Hey oldturkey03,

Thank you for your response. I checked the reservoir and there was not a single drop of coolant... So I added water.


:) Richard, lets hope that fixed it. Make sure you are not leaking coolant


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Go to a garage and ask them to measure you antifreeze levels. May need more antifreeze

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