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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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MacBook Pro has no power after replacing optical drive...help!

Hey all. I need help! I recently replaced first the hard drive and then the optical drive in my MacBook Pro. Everything worked fine after putting in the new HD but not so much with the optical drive installation. The computer is dead...no power whatsoever. First thing i did was check connections and even tried reinstalling my old optical drive and still nothing. I pushed the battery button and it said fully charged thenI tried resetting the SMC and got green light on Megasafe then orange when I held down keys to reset. Nothing. The Megasafe did turn orange again when I pushed the power button to restart. There is no sound, no fan, no visual..nothing when I hit the power button. So I took it to the Genius Bar and the guy took it apart and tried to start in with no luck. He said its either power button or logic board.

So my main question is I also have a Macbook (white) that is a 2009 I believe. If need be, can i put the MB logic board into the MBP? Also, can it be anything else? I don't want to tackle the job of replacing a logic board if i don't have to or take the chance of messing things up even more.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

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Professional Mac techs have their place in this world. It's time to visit one,and I don't mean the kid at the Apple store with a summer job.

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No, the Macbook Logic board won't fit in the MacBook Pro.

Maybe you forgot to plug in the battery connector? Happened to me once :)

You should also check if the bottom plate is installed correctly (and tight), there are these nasty golden button on the logic board that check if the computer is assembled.

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Thanks so much! I will check both of those right now. Stay tuned..lol!


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