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MacBookpro 13" mid201o Upgrade hard drive

I just recently call the local apple store and they told me the the macbook pros hard drive cannot be upgraded. I have the 13' macbook pro mid 2010 with 250gb harddrive

I am new to mac world so please bear with me.

Any yet your website gives very easy directions. as to replaceing this harddrive.

I am just try to figure out my risk or if there is one on this macbook pro.

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Please give us the last three figures of your serial number so we can answer correctly. Thanks


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I'm not sure if the Apple Guy you were talking to knew what he was talking about, OF COURSE IT CAN BE UPGRADED. (little carried away there......) You can buy most SATA 2.5" drives and have theme work within minutes of opening your computer. You can use these directions here:

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement

... and you can buy any one of these hard drives or kits to install in the computer:

... it is very simple and is almost impossible to screw up on.

Hope this Helps

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