white screen when pressing sleep button

I have a drama iPhone, i took it apart, to replace the wifi antenna, snap connector 7 broken on the logic board :-( but went on replaced wifi. Wifi up and running again, but screen problems, so replaced the lcd. done.

Now when i press the sleep button it goes to white screen. after restoring the iPhone everything is working, but as soon as i touch the sleep button the screen is white again.

Any ideas? after fixing this issue i still have to fix the anntenna conection.

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Try leaving no.3 off


Hi thanks for the reply.

I tried it but no result, how could connector 3 causing this?

I came a bit further, when i tick the screen, the screen comes back now and then. So what could cause this. Connector 1 maybe? I tried 2 lcd's.

The first one whent on white al the time. This one would work fin until now..


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