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no wifi problem help!?

My friends iPhone 3g has greyed out the wifi setting so it cannot but touched it says no wifi where the wifi name should be at. the imei is still there how would i fix this its running iOS 4.2.1.

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Settings App>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. If this does not help, Restore iPhone.

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i tried but it didnt work even the restore i restored it as a new iphone


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i think its rather a chip problem..

you can try to heat the wifi chip on the logicboard but i dont think you have enough knowledge and tools to do this..

its a common problem, it also happens with the iphone 4, 4s..

It comes randomly, sometimes it wil come from liquid damage, or fall damage

go to Settings App>General>info and see if the phone recognizes your mac address

if it says N/A then i am sure it's a chip problem

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