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Help I spilled Ice Tea on my Keyboard

I spilled Brisk Iced Tea on my wired keyboard and i wiped it with my tank top quick to not get introuble, and most of the keys dont work. All the numbers up to 0 dont work, and half the other keys work. I cant access my account now since i have a number on my password. This is my brother's computer and i dont want to get murdered. My keyboard is a wired alumminum keyboard. What should i do?. I dont wanna put in a bag of rice because i dont want my mom to notice either. Please Help.

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So i told my mom and i put the whole keyboard in a thing of rice. Am i good?


leaving it to dry for a few hours isn't quite what i meant..give it a day..


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Johnathon, apart from telling your mom what has happened (which will help fix this in the long run and keep you out of more trouble) mop up any liquid you can see with kitchen towel or something else absorbent that won't disintegrate like tissue, then turn the keyboard over to let any more liquid drain out.leave it unplugged and allow the keyboard to dry. when you tell your mom, she may be able to help you take the back of the keyboard off to clean up the rubber buttons underneath. My kids have spilled their drinks on my keyboard so many times I've lost count, I might have been a bit cross that they had drinks near the computer but it's not the end of the world! accidents happen.. When we did the steps I've told you the keyboard was up and running again the next day when it was dry. Some keys got stuck from the juice but they work fine now. Tell your mom earlier rather than later, she'll be more p***ed if you wait til tomorrow when it's really broken!

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I told my mom and i put the keyboard in a bucket of rice. Am i good now?


getting there! good luck and I hope you can both sort it out without spending any money. My keyboard isn't the apple version, but when it's turned upside down there are a few screws to take off and then you can access the electronic pad, take that out and wipe it clean, then clean the back of the keys to get rid of the soda drink, let it dry and see what happens. Good luck.


How do I open my keyboard for repair take a look at this answer and see if you and mom can use it to help..


So i tried the rice, and it still doesnt work. It sat therefor a good 2 hours. Looks like im getting killed by my brother


Jonathan, it may take a bit longer. I don't think he will kill you. Just be honest and make it a point of a. not using anything you are not supposed to and b. don't have any drinks around the computer. Always remember, accidents happen. Just follow the advise given by pollytintop, you'll get it done.


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Once these things have shorted out there really nothing you can do to repair them. Here's the teardown and as it shows there's really nothing you can replace: Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255) Teardown

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I've taken a few keyboards apart, however, Apple's aluminum keyboards (wired and bluetooth) are welded together with covers glued on, so they cannot be cleaned like cheaper keyboards.. Usually it's just water in some tight spots that takes days or weeks to evaporate, and putting it in air tight rice for 3 days seems to be the most successful solution for all kinds of electronics.

BEWARE: if the water causes a short where it can draw enough current, it can fry some traces near the short. If that happens (smell of burning), it's toast, buy a new keyboard.

NOTE: Traces fry because they get hot, and this can take anywhere from a split second to several minutes. So unplug the USB from the computer, and don't plug it in for more then about 20 seconds the first couple times you test.

If the drink was more then water, it may leave a residue that will never leave on it's own. It may be fixable, but the cost may be more then just buying a new keyboard.

That said, Isopropyl Alcohol (flammable) can wick into tighter spots then water, and evaporates much faster too. Rubbing Alcohol has 70% Isopropyl, but it's also has 30% water, so look for 99% Isopropyl at a Wal-Mart or electronics store for the best results.

Make sure you're in a well ventilated place (like outside), and pour across the keyboard slowly several times. Make sure you have a bowl underneath that's at least large enough to catch most of it. And you should still let the kb sit for a day after the treatment because any displaced water may be in a bad location before it evaporates completely.

Some people say a hair dryer can speed things up. It's probably true, but high heat can ruin the kb too, so touch the surface often to make sure you're not getting it too hot. DO NOT use a hair dryer with flammable Isopropyl Alcohol.

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