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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Backlight acting really funny

I'm having a really weird problem here. I replaced the screen on a 32 gb 4th gen touch. The screen is good, the backlight works, the ipod syncs and restores, is detected by itunes, but the backlight will not activate. Here's where it gets weird... I know the backlight works because it will work when the screen/digitizer assembly is partially off the ipod, at greater than a 10 degree angle. Basically, it only works, (and works perfectly) if I can get my finger into the guts of the ipod enough to activate the home button on the logic board. I've gently cleaned the display connector, and made sure that it is seated firmly. I've messed with the ribbons while the screen is lit up and saying "iPod" to ascertain that there is no intermittent contact. I've lifted the screen assembly up to the farthest extent that you can before the connector pops off while it is lit and activated. Every single time I go to seat the screen back onto the housing, it winks off. I can then see that it is working without the backlight, and can even unlock the screen by swiping (can hear the unlock sound), so I know the digitizer is working. Any help would be appreciated.

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One of your ribbon cables is probably partially broken, and only works at a certain angle. It's also possible that the light sensor is broken...but that is probably unlikely.

I would try with a display that you are certain is working (a new one). Depending on where you got it from, they may send you a replacement.

Best of luck!

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