2.2, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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What display do I need to change? 30 pin or 40 pin?

I have a MacBookPro 15" built in May 2008 (Model A1260) and I need a new display. I found two types of displays; one with 30 pin data cable (OEM code B154PW04), and one with 40 pin data cable (OEM-code N154C6-L02). Is there a possibility to find out what display fits?

Thank you in advance... Ted

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Your machine is either the 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6 GHz of this model: Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 15" (08) Specs

Identifiers: Early 2008 - MB133LL/A - MacBookPro4,1 - A1260 - 2198


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There's a command to check this. Go to Applacations, find the Utilities folder and find terminal. Run ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayEDID | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6 and then search the screen to get a idea. Confirm by taking the computer apart.

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The best thing to do is open it up and get the numbers off the back of the screen. Check the connect at that time. There are three makers of the screen for your model and it can be any one of these three.

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Thank you all. To open it is of course the safest way to know what I need. I tried the ioreg-command and found out that the screen is called LP154WP2-TLA3. I think this is the 40 pin device.

Thanks Ted

Ok, now I have changed my LCD succesfully!!! I replaced model no LP154WP2-TLA3 from LG/Phillips with modell N154C6-L02 (ChiMei). It worked well with your guide. Thank you all...


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ok first of all B154PW04 will have different pins depending on what you get. V.0, V.4, V.6, and V.7 are for Apple. v.3 is for sony/compaq. You need a special adapter if you intend on using the latter, as well as EDID code programming so the Macbook recognizes it.

The difference between B154PW04/LP154WP2/LTN154BT02 and N154C6-L01/LO2 is the frame. It is reversed. if you change one with the other, you will see a strip of metal going down on one side, and on the other side the meal frame of the Macbook Pro will actually be covering the screen's viewable area for about 1/4" in. DON'T DO THIS!!! It decreases the value of the machine.

But the GPU in this thing is probably dead by now anyway, so not much to worry about. :)

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Do you even care about accuracy of information? The comments here suggest using a screen that is not properly compatible. Lp154wp2 and n154c6 are not interchangeable. They use different frames.

This is very pertinent information to anyone who finds this thread seeking to repair this problem

Let me make it clear that I don't care what you think, nor do I see this as a popularity contest, nor do I care who likes me. If information that is not correct is posted I will correct it so it does not waste the time of the person who attempts to implement a flawed solution. Feel free to delete my account If this is bothersome. Further, if replies to three year old posts are not welcome, stop making them show up at the top of the list. If I'm finding this stuff just clicking on macbook pro and going to the first page you can bet thousands of other people are going to read these comments and try to perform improper repairs using bad information.


"Ok, now I have changed my LCD succesfully!!! I replaced model no LP154WP2-TLA3 from LG/Phillips with modell N154C6-L02 (ChiMei). It worked well with your guide. Thank you all...


I am fully aware of the ramifications of false information like this since it lost to me hundreds of dollars the first time I read a similar post to this on this website six and a half years ago.further, Nick's answer while good doesn't explain the actual differences in the screens. It just tells you how to tell which lcd you have. it makes no mention of what the model numbers mean, what the different connectors are for, or the frame differences that affect compatibility. Which is what he was asking in the title.

This is the question that most are going to be interested in since the n154c6 is half the price of the lp154wp2 and b154pw04. also the version with a wider connector is the one that cost half as much as the one with the smaller connector that is made for Apple products, the only difference being the connector and the edid code. People always buy the cheap one that looks similar because it costs less and appears the same.


Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.

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When did adding relevant information to an old post become anything other than awesome and thank you very much? These aren't really questions and answers--they are everlasting Internet diary entries that describe problems and give information relevant to the problem. The audience is always the world and not the OP.

It is always good to enhance the information, no matter how old the post.


Feel free to delete this:

"do you even read the questions, answers and comments? Your answer is absolutely irrelevant to the question asked."

OT--that's kind of mean, no?

His answer is not irrelevant at all. He lacked this very information at the DIY level and it cost him $300

I know that it is hard to operate in a text based social group sharing information where we lose the context of what we are writing. Strong personalities, bad days, frustration...

But if I read that comment to an answer I'd taken the time to write in the spirit of saving someone else the trouble I'd run into----It would be a long time before I came back to Answers that's for sure.


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