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The iMac is Apple's line of all-in-one desktop computers.

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iMac g5 wont power up/

How do I know my power supply is working properly, befor buying a new one?

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Look on the bottom of the stand to find your exact model.


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You could try opening your iMac so you can turn it on and see if the diagnostic leds light up.


in particular:

Locate the large white arrow in the middle of the computer.

Above this arrow, you'll see four LEDs:

LED 1 indicates that trickle voltage from the power supply has been detected. This LED will be ON when the computer is turned off and your power supply is working correctly.


If the 1st light is on that indicates that the power is flowing to the computer. So it could very well be a logic board failure. At this point i'm not sure trying to repair a logic board failure is worth it.


Make sure you pull the HD though if you want to recover your data.

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Thank you for your kind response.

I did tried to open it, and the led1 light is on, none of the others, and tried to switch on through internal button- no response and tried reset and again internal button- no response.

according to the apple literature- it is logic board failure- do you agree with that?

Thank you again


Is the #1 light on when the computer is turned off?


Thank you, when I plugged the wire to a outlet, it is on and when I take out the wire it is off. My main problem is turning on the machine with the button from the behind.

Thank you again



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