Why is my power button dont work&

guys, please help me, l replace the screen and it did not turned on, l plugged it into the itunes аnd it turn on but power button did not work.

It's strange because sound button did work, means cable is not damaged. If it was damaged sound buttons do not work.

please help I do not know what to do.

P.S sorry for my english I am from Russia.

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It's sad guys, I wanted to sell it but now it seems it is not someone wants to buy ..

Approximately how much can cost replacement of the cable?

Thanks for your help as I understand it is a fairly common problem but when I replaced I did not know about it ..


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When you lifted up the logic board to connect the thin lcd cable, you probably ripped the power/volume flex cable. This is a common issue. To confirm, under a magnifier (or jewelers loupe) look at the cable that connects the power button, it will probably have a tear in it.

If so, you'll have to replace the power/volume flex button, which requires soldering the cable to the new board. Without soldering experience, and the proper equipment, you can easily get into a bigger mess such as lifting off the solder pad on the board.

When I started offering iPod repairs, early last year, I dug myself into a hole a few times ... so don't let it get you down.

If you don't have soldering skills, I suggest you may want to find a shop that specializes in iPod repair.

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Hi Farmax7,

I agree with what Country Computer Service mentioned.

The power-volume-flex cable is really tiny. The possibility that this cable got a tear and was ripped in the course of the replacement of the LCD is very likely. I could tell you my story when I repaired my first ipod touch 4...

You could also check the four junctions of that flex cable where they are soldered on the PCB. I don't know the pinout of that cable, but just check if one of them got loose.

As Country Computer Service said: If you are not experienced with soldering, don't try it. You could interrupt one of those tiny conducting paths of the PCB, and the damage would be worse than before.

There is surely a place in your area that would be able to fix it for you.


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Even after repairing dozens of iPods, this happened to me a couple of weeks back. When I loosened the screw on the logic board near the power button, the board actually popped up and ripped the flex. That was a new one. I always put a little bit of Kapton tape across flex cable in case I have to lift the board, due to a connection problem, and not worry so much about ripping the cable.


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I ripped my cable and i put the ipod back together and it would not turn on, should it still show up in itunes when i plug it in ?

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