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Released in 2007, model F130W. Available with 512MB or 1GB internal memory.

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Camera does not work, and crashes after a few seconds after startup

I found this Flip Video Mino (1st gen not HD) in an attic and, it worked, to an extent. Because when It was done charging, I noticed so many problems. The camera feed was just a black screen with a few glitches here and there, and after a few seconds, it crashes! It’s literally the equivalent of a usb drive with a screen and buttons. I don’t know how to take it apart because every website I look on just talks about the HD model, and I don’t even know what’s wrong. Is it done for?

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Hi @thomaddeo

There's a reset button located in the tripod mount in the bottom of the camera.

Try pressing that for ~5-10 seconds and then check.

Here's a video that shows where it is. Start viewing at 2:00 minutes into the video.

Worth a try anyway.

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Tried. Didn’t work. Might be something with the hardware.



Being in the attic wouldn't have helped the battery condition.

I realize that you said that you charged the battery but if possible try starting the camera with the charger connected and check if that works.

If it does then most probably it is the battery.

You would have to see how to open the camera (pry tool, hair dryer, if the label on the bottom of the camera peels off check if there are any recessed screws under that etc) to gain access and then find the battery model number printed on the battery and search online for replacements using the model number of the battery.


It won’t let me get to the camera while it’s charging


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