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Repair and additional information for the LG LFC21770**, a bottom freezer refrigerator with an automatic defrost system and an anti-sweat heater switch, introduced by LG Electronics in 2008. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern LFC21770**.

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Why is my fridge/freezer cycling above set temp?

Hello, I am trying to solve an issue with my LG refrigerator. A few weeks ago, the fridge and freezer both became very warm. I fixed this issue by replacing the relay switch for the compressor.

Now I’m faced with another issue. The fridge and freezer are both getting cold, but not quite cold enough. The fridge is set to 34F, but my electronic temp temperature monitor shows that , it is cycling from 36-45F.

Likewise, the freezer is set to 0F, but is cycling up to from 2-17F.

I have checked the condenser coils and condenser fan, they are clean and spinning appropriately. I have also replaced the evaporator fan motor— I can feel cool air being pushed into the fridge compartment and chacked that the evaporator fan is spinning.

Does anyone have any solutions?



Update (06/04/24)

Block Image

Block Image

Here is the temp log. I was not monitoring the temperature prior to these issues, so I can’t say for sure what it was doing previously.

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Hi @mong75502

When you say that both the refrigerator and freezer are cycling between the respective temperature ranges, what is the time period between the changes?

If for example the refrigerator goes from 36°F to 45°F only say twice per day for about 20-25 minutes and for the rest of the day hovers about the 36°F mark (and the freezer does the same, regarding its temperatures at the same time) then this is normal as an auto defrost cycle is in operation.

If however the temps go down to their lowest point as shown by you and the cycle back to the highest temp as shown by you and then go back down again etc, continually, then this is a different problem.

Did the temperatures between your electronic temperature monitor and the temperature set for the refrigerator/freezer line up before the problem with the relay occurred. Just asking as it isn't unusual for different temperature gauges/monitors etc to vary by a few degrees as to what the temperature is.


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Hi @mong75502

I can't say for sure but looking at the logs, to me it does look like the refrigerator is performing an auto defrost cycle.


Wasn't looking at charts correctly. Apologies.

Try running the refrigerator in test mode and check if any error code is being displayed indicating a sensor problem etc.

The codes are on the previous page to the one linked.

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Thanks for your help with this— the only thing that seems strange to me is that these cool/warm cycles are happening every hour or so according to the log. Could that still be due to a programmed defrost cycle?


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