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Repair guides for Canon PowerShot A Series cameras.

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Camera turns on, but shows no image form the sensor

Canon Powershot A3100 IS

Hey. My power shot doesnt show the image from the sensor. It turns on, take photos, but the feed form the sensor is blacked out. I dont know much about camera mechanics, but i think its the aperture not opening. Any tips?

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Hi @lowolelow,

Can you see the menu options in the screen OK?

Try taking a picture (I realize that you can't see what you're taking) and check if it is saved to the SD card in the camera.

Check if the picture saved on the card is OK or just a black image (download image from the card)

This is just to prove whether it is an image sensor problem or a motherboard/screen problem.


Does the camrea make a click when the button is pressed?

And has it before the black screen if the answer is yes to the first question?


hey @jayeff

I can see the menu options, and the picture is saved in the sd card. The pic shows some static. but other than that, just the date and time.


hey @hampter

it did, and it still does


@lowolelow there is a problem with the sensor, there are quite a few different camreas in the A series could you please specify the specific model of the A series


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Hi @lowolelow

I can't find a service manual for the camera (Canon aren't that friendly) but you may wish to consider the following option of getting a faulty camera and using it as a donor for parts, especially the CCD sensor which seems the most likely suspect in your camera.

This link may also be useful as it shows the different internal components used in the camera

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thank you very much for all the help


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