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I need to switch between Ring accounts

My workplace has a Ring account. My house has a Ring account. Those who use the work Ring account, have to use the work Ring account, but I can't access my home Ring account. And the shared user had 3 people going in circles trying to figure that out. My question is, is it possible to switch between 2 account in Ring, without signing in and out every time I need to switch between them? Or am I just out of luck?

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Hello @nalalibrary, To add existing home to your Ring devices.

  1. Open your ring app on the account you want to have access to on your work account
  2. Click the Menu Icon (≡) to get in your sidebar
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Then onto Users & Pets
  5. Once on the Users & Pets hit the ADD USER OR PET button on the bottom of the screen (its light blue)
  6. When in the Add a User or Pet screen click on Shared User and type in your work email and click the devices that you want to grant access to!

Hope that helps!

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I share an account with my family. I can't share my work account with my family. If I make my own account, I'd have to do this twice, and again. 3 separate people were having trouble with the "ADD USER OR PET" function


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