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Hearing aid holder to prevent loss.

I need a harness-like assembly that attaches my hearing aids to the back of my shirt so that the hearing aids don't get lost when they, inevitably, fall out.

The jury-rigged harness I put together, sort of, does the job, but the cord I use was not flexible enough, nor the right length. Has anyone assembled a harness that works well? What dimensions and materials did you use? Are there any ready-made, products available on the market? I have not found them.

Your suggestions are welcomed. .... wdc

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@wdc64853 this will entirely depend on the make and model of your hearing aids. There are lots of commercial products that are perfect for this. Just check for hearing aid retention cords or contact your audiologists. Those people are the most knowledgeable about what to use and can make the proper recommendation for your needs.

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