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Eighth generation of iPad, released September 18, 2020, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Number A2270.

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Can't Set Up Touch ID After Screen Replacement

I replaced a shattered screen for a coworker's iPad 8. I pulled the old home button and reinstalled it on the new screen. It functionally works, but I got an error message that Touch ID can't be set up. When I go to add a fingerprint, screen shows "FAILED Unable to compete Touch ID setup. Please go back and try again." Is this simply an Apple ID issue, or do you think the home button was damaged? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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@czjohn i understand. I just niticed you LITTERALLY JUST COMMENTED.


@czjohn i can answer this one for you!


Not entirely sure if this thread was hijacked or not, but @dadibrokeit, if you have some advice, I'd love hear from you. I did a search and saw a couple of posts concerning iPhone 6 Touch IDs, but nothing that really speaks to my issue. Thanks for your advice in advance!


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Hi John,

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to damage those delicate flex cables an the connections to the chips mounted on them, especially with the amount of glue and length of cable used on this iPad.

At this point, realistically all you can do is to recheck the connector where the home button plugs into the motherboard. Unplug it and clean the flex cable with some 90% or higher isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol then resecure it and retest.

Block Image

If that doesn't do the job, the next step is to carefully examine the home button's flex cable for any kind of tears, scratches or damage. With some fair-to-middling solder skills it's possible to replace the length of flex cable most likely to get damaged as shown in this video.

Apple iPad home button torn Flex / cable repair - YouTube

This is showing the procedure on an iPad 7, but as nearly as I can tell the iPad 8 uses a very similar flex cable so the same operation should work on it as well. Outside of that, the only other possibility would be to locate the diode mode readings for the home button connector and test them, but unfortunately I don't know if they even exist. I did find some for an iPhone 7 home button I was trying to repair, so it's not impossible, but I don't know where you might find them. Here's some connector information for the motherboard I ran across.

J3800.rar - Google Drive

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I was worried about that. The screen wasn't just cracked, it was shattered and the edge wasn't intact in places. Consequently, removing the home button wasn't as straightforward as it would normally be.

However, do you think the button would still function if the cable was damaged? As far as I can tell, the button functions fine; its just that I get an error message that "Touch ID can't be set up", which makes me think it could possibly be an Apple ID issue.

I'll meet the client on Saturday and have her log in to her Apple ID. If that proves to be the issue, I'll reply and let you know!


@czjohn On the iPhone 7 where I had a damaged button, that was exactly the situation; the home button function worked fine but the Touch ID wasn't available, so yeah, it can definitely happen that way. I don't think you're going to get anywhere with the Apple ID approach, but it certainly can't hurt to check it out before you have to open the %#*@ thing up again.


@dadibrokeit You're amazing. Thanks for the help!


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