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Standard and high definition handheld video cameras by Sony.

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Sony DCR-HC23E camcorder turns itself off

I used my camcorder for an hour but then it turned off randomly. It doesn't charge (the charge light doesn't come on) and when i try to power it on it turns off immediately. I haven't done repairs on a camcorder before, and there's a tape stuck inside it since it doesn't power on properly. What should I do?

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This camera is equipped with an A.SHUT OFF (Auto shut off) or Power Save function to turn off the camera automatically when you do not operate it for 5 minutes to save the battery power.

  • When using the AC Adaptor, the Auto Power Off function does not activate.
  • If your camera has a menu option to disable this function, set it to NEVER or OFF if you do not want to use it.
  • For details on how to set this function, refer to the supplied Help Guide. You can get the Help Guide from Instruction Manual Download.

If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need service.

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