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The BlackBerry 7105t was released on October 2005 for T-Mobile.

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Why should I keep my broken Blackberry?

I just want a new phone. Can I just throw this BlackBerry away and buy a new one? My plan is up next month, so it would be really cheap and way easier.

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Or sell it on eBay. That model is going for $40-$80 right now. Personally I'd sell it, and put the money toward the new phone.

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Well you should think about recycling instead of throwing away, try googling "nearest big town to you +cell phone (or electronics) recycling" and seeing if you can find a local recycling center.

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There are 3 options for your broken Blackberry

1) Sell it on eBay, Believe it or not there are still people buying this model.

2) You can help the environment by recycling the old Blackberry Phone

3) Purchase the Blackberry Parts and repair your phone, you can get them.

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Martin Pinter, besides the point that this question is over 2 years old, the OP really just wanted a new phone. It is not even sad :(


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