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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for MacBook Air models with 13-inch displays.

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How can I oil my MacBook Air fan?

Hey guys,

I've had my Macbook Air for about a year and it's been running great, but the fan has started to whine and from owning previous notebooks I know it's probably due to bearing/lack of oil.

I disassembled it but I couldn't find an oil/lubrication spot - does anybody know how to apply oil to a Macbook Air fan?

Any help would be great, I just don't want to have to buy a new fan

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This question has been asked many times and there are several good answers. Here's a link to some: How to grease fans bearing?

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That's not applicable to the Macbook Air. As my question stated, there is no obvious lubrication point on the Delta DC Brushless fan included in this notebook and other similar thin-and-light Ultrabooks - those guides all depend on a fan with a lubrication hole, which the Macbook Air fan doesn't have. Thanks though


Please give me the last three figures of your serial number so I know just which MacBook Air you have.


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