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White screens after screen replacement?

I have replaced the LCD screens on two 4g Ipods. One is a 8gig the other is a 32gig. Both items were black screen models and I purchase white screens for them. After I replaced the screens both Ipods powered up to a white screen, nothing else. Yes Itunes recognizes both and Ive tried the reset tricks and restore ideas listed in other posts. Im at a loss here. Anybody else have any ideas that would help me out?

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Hi Don,

Welcome to iFixit's member community. This is a common issue. So, instead of retyping, check out this ongoing discussion...

If you have any questions, we are all here to volunteer our help.

Again, welcome to iFixit!

iPod white screen after repair the screen.

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hold down home botton and power botton at the sametime until apple logo comes on and fixed

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I was having the same problem with the white screen after replacement. I tried four screen with no luck. I finally got it to work by watching this video on youtube. It was my problem and it could be yours if nothing else works. Here is the link

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