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Versão maior do Nintendo DSi, lançada em março de 2010 na América do Norte. A maioria dos reparos é realizada apenas com uma chave de fenda e ferramentas de abertura.

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Why won't my DSi XL turn on, and only give blinking orange indicator?

I have a DSi XL that won't turn on, and only give a blinking orange light. When the power button is pressed, blue light along with both screens flash for a split second. I have tried new batteries and checked for internal problems, but everything looks fine.

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Here's some things to try:

  1. Make sure the contacts on your board for the battery are not corroded, bent, etc.
  2. Try re-seating the original battery, you may not have put it in properly
  3. Use a multimeter on the battery, make sure it has ~3.7 volts
  4. Use a multimeter on the R1 fuse to make sure it isn't blown, it won't be visibly detectable

If the battery has the wrong voltage, that could be the issue. If the R1 fuse is blown it will need replaced, or bypassed with a wire, small piece of tin foil, etc.

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Is the r1 fuse on the motherboard, or the power board? Also, do you think replacing the board that has the problem will make the DSI boot? The DSI has no games or data on it.


The R1 Fuse is on the motherboard, if you look at Step 13 on this DSi XL Motherboard Replacement Guide you can get a good view of the R1 Fuse (it's to the right of the Card Slot, it is labeled on the board as well).

Personally I would try to bypass the fuse and test if it will boot before I tried replacing the whole motherboard. You don't need solder or anything to bypass the fuse, just tape a small wire or a small piece of tin foil to either side of the fuse and see if it boots from there.


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