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Repair information for the 4th generation iPad. Released November 2, 2012. Model numbers: A1458, A1459, and A1460.

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Ipad charges when off but won't charge when booted up

Hi fellow repair people.

I have stumbled on a puzzling situation after replacing a battery on an ipad 4 A1458

The ipad seems to charge perfectly fine while off but when it is booted into the OS it doesn't charge but it is recognized by both Itunes and my laptop. It also seems to have a hard time recognizing the home button.

Any tips, tricks or insight into the root problem would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve had this problem too, so we just basically shut it off to charge it once we plugged it in. But i didn’t notice any problems with the home button use though. This was an older iPad so I wasn’t worried about it as I was given it to somebody.. but when it stops charging, it’s probably a tri starship. If you having a tri star/ hydra checker you can test it. I do think I recall that on one of the nine pathways there was one or two that weren’t within the proper parameter of the device, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to go and change the chip to see .because that’s where the charging system goes through to charge the battery .Just a thought.

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I'm only a hobby repair guy but it seems to me that it can be. how much does the tristar checker cost?


Thru ifix it was 130$ but i not even sure they sell them anymore.


tested the ipad again today. it recognized the charger for a second while on and then not. can it be as simple as the charge port?


That could be. Especially if it is older and had a lot of use of the ipad. Which necessitates plugging it in and out.


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