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Why is my CPU & GPU overheating?

Whenever gaming on anything whether it's a heavy GPU game or not both my CPU and GPU reach around 90 Celsius. On standby CPU is 75-80, GPU is 63-70.

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Are your fans caked full of dust?


They are not, I make sure to clean the dust occasionally.


@legendaryal In that case I would just change the thermal paste with good, high quality paste. Arctic MX-5 is good in my experience.


CPU is Liquid Metal, it doesn’t take thermal paste.


Could it be an issue with the fans? I've heard of laptop fans dying over time. My friends Duo 15 is also experiencing this issue and we noticed the fans are much quieter then they used to be even manually set to full speed.


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Just clean all the dusts and try using the thermal paste... At the tip of the processor...

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