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The Nothing Phone (1) is the first phone produced by the Nothing company.

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Where can I order the Display or Backcover?

I would like to know where i can order the Replacement Display so i can change it myself...?

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Hi Daniela,

Boy, that screen is much harder to find than it should be! I did run across one vendor on AliExpress that's selling it.

LCD DISPLAY For nothing phone1 A063 LCD Display With Touch Screen panel Digitizer Assembly Replacement - AliExpress

Be sure to verify your model number against the A063 model number mentioned in the listing. Fortunately, iFixit has you covered with a guide showing you step by step how to replace the screen yourself.

Nothing Phone (1) Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

With any luck, that'll get you going. Best of luck with your repair, and be sure to let us know how it goes!

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