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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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Can't even start opening the screen


I got the Pixel 6a screen replacement kit, but no matter what I do or how I hold it, I can't get the screen to even start separating. I've tried heating the edge, I've tried the blue tabs, I've even tried supergluing the suction cup to the screen, but that didn't even stay.

What am I doing wrong? All of the instructions and videos made it look so simple.

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Depending on the condition of the adhesive in your Pixel, it might just be very hardened. It takes a lot of consistent and uniform force to open up newer devices.

If your current screen is cracked, try taping over it with packing tape, making sure to leave a single unbroken strip of tape where you'll put your suction cup. Make sure not to tape over the edges of the screen (which would tape the screen shut, making removal even harder). After sufficiently heating the screen, pull on your suction cups with as much force as you can apply without the cup popping off the screen. Keep this pressure for up to a minute. Time is your friend, here. Most adhesives just need time to release.

If your screen isn't cracked, the same techniques will help. When you hold the phone steady, make sure you're not also holding the screen down—just hold the frame by the edges to allow the screen to flex and open.

All in all, nothing surprising is holding your phone together, just the stuck adhesive. Be patient and careful as you work. Post back here with any updates!

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Unfortunately, the suction cup was completed useless, even with tape and with supergluing it to the screen.

"Sufficient heating" is not provided by the iOpener, even after repeated applications or leaving it on much longer, I will probably need a heat gun or hair dryer.

Unfortunately, the screen is cracked enough that is seems like when I've tried to pry with other tools, is just started to lift tiny bits and make glass shards.

The provided instructions massively undersell the amount of heat and work required to remove the screen.


Definitely give a hair dryer a chance. Get that screen almost too hot to touch. You don't have to worry so much about overheating it, since you won't need to use your screen again.


@cashewclay Dwarf goats? Alpacas? No pictures on your profile :-)


Still no luck with this so far, either I need to just set the &&^&^$^ thing on fire, or I'm clearly doing something wrong. I guess I wasted a hundred bucks on a replacement screen I can't use


@stuck56986 I'm sorry to hear that it's still not budging! Out of all the more stuck screens I've encountered, the solution was either more heat or more time under tension, or both. Get that screen hot enough that you can't touch it comfortably. It'd become unsafe to get it hot enough to burn you, but it might need to be close. Then, keep tension on the suction handle for a long time. This adhesive won't give way suddenly—it needs time to slowly release the bond.


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