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ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop - FX505D-DBQ234T with i5-8750H and Nvidia gforce GTX. MFD-2019-05.

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Power on LED's working but screen not working

After i switch on led lights and all working but nothing shown in window. Mean window not working what will i do

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Does the drive light flash showing that Windows is loading?

Have you tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor or TV to see if anything displays on the screen?


@aactech yes sir i connect through hdmi cable to tv but doesn’t work. Power light indication only works. Screen doesn’t work also caps lock indication led also not works please help me


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Hopefully your laptop just needs a reset of the BIOS.

This video shows you how to open the case.

Click here.

Unplug the charger before you do anything.

Once the case is open don't take the main battery out just disconnect it.

Then take out the CMOS "coin" battery as in this video

Click here

Press the power button for 30 seconds to discharge any residual power, reinstall the CMOS battery and temporarily replace the bottom cover. Plug in the charger and press the power button. Does anything appear on the screen? If yes then uplug the charger, take cover off again, reconnect the main battery and test with battery. If powers on with screen on then battery is good. Reassemble and you are good to go.

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Actually my laptop sometimes getting on and sometimes won’t. After a week i on my laptop means one or two times it will get on . After i work anything on it suddenly screen will get off but led lights on the keyboard are blowing. If i press caps lock led lights won’t get on that particular key. I don’t know what is the exact problem please help me. Also my laptop doesn’t have a cmos battery


Hi @vasanthaku14453

What exactly is your model number?


I done what you told . Actually it get works. My laptop model is asus tuf 2021 FA506QM . I just unplug the battery connector . And press power button 30 second. After i just plug the power adapter to socket. Now i switch on the laptop first it won’t work after i do this process again it will works i just work on my laptop in next 3 days and then i will tell. Inspite off you are great @aactech keep going . You save many people’s lives as like me. Thanks alot for your replies and spend time



I am happy you got it working. Next time in the future be sure to give the exact model number of your device. It helps a lot.


Hi @aactech today while switch on my laptop again i an facing the same issue . Switched on but within a minute it will get switch off again. Now it won’t turn on. I do the same procedure remove battery connector. Connect power socket and turn on it won’t work. Now what will i do?


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