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Over ear Bluetooth headphones which have a magnetic switch on the right earpiece.

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PXC-550 II (!) won't charge, right earpiece heats up

Is there any information on charging controller, right earpiece board or photos of said things for PXC-550 II?


I have a pair of PXC-550 II (there's no page for the updated model, sorry). Due to my carelessness, I left them on for around 6 hours and they've completely drained the battery. I haven't done that with them yet. Then I tried to leave them on a charger for some while. When I returned, the sensor pad area was too warm, I can't really describe it as "hot", but it was like a laptop power brick in terms of temperature. There was no indication of charging. I removed them from the charger, and decided to disassemble them to find maybe the cause of heating up. After I've removed dynamic, I connected the power again to find what's heating up. It were, as far as I can tell, two ceramic capacitors. There were no visible heat damage or any kind of smell. That said, the indication appeared in form of red LED, with user's manual "less than 2% charge" that's deep discharge. Trying to push the battery out of that state generates more heat than during normal charging, but I couldn't tell if it wasn't too much heat. Although it did push out of that state, but 10 seconds after it stopped charging, either from protection kicking in, or, more likely, charging circuit breaking due to final failure of the charge controller. Still, there were no signs of burned electronics. I gave the headphones to a more knowledgeable and geared person in terms of board repair, but if you happen have some info on the right earpiece board (or just photos of both sides), it can help them (and me) greatly

Edit. I forgot to add, during all that time, the headset kept working on the "brains" level - it could turn on, connect to the devices, change the ANC modes, and sensor panel fully worked. But it soon always turned off due to low charge, even when connected with charger. I relatively know my problem, it's deeply dead battery that needs a "jump" (probably) and charging controller that's probably kicked the bucket. I need some sort of board images to locate and identify said charger so we can be sure that we can get the part and that painful board removal will bear fruit.

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My technician found the microcontroller responsible for charging. Sadly, it is the main chip, CSR8670. While it is still possible that other elements in the circuit are the cause of the problem, replacement of the CSR seems improbable. In it's datasheet it states that the chip has 16MB of flash memory on board. While the chips themselves cost around 10 to 15$, the programmer isn't even available. I don't know wether datasheet is DMCA protected so I won't post it here. The only feasible solution in case the main chip has kicked the bucket is sadly to replace the whole board if you can even find it, or just buy a new pair of headphones

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