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Released October 26, 2018. Models A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM, nano-SIM or dual-SIM / 64, 128, or 256 GB / Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, or Red. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 R.")

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Why is does my iPhone XR's microphone not work in speakphone?

I have an Iphone XR that has totally working microphones, except for when I'm recording voice memos or when I'm on speakerphone. The microphone works for video recording and normal phone calls. According to a search I did online, normal phone calls and voice memos use the same microphone, but for calls work but not memos, and the same can be said about speakerphone and video recording that also use the same camera but the video mic works and the speakerphone mic doesn't. I don't know if the reason for this is the recent battery replacement I did or what. Help would mean the world to me. Thank you!

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This sounds like an issue with one of the bottom mics.

Recording video actually does not necessarily use the same mic as speakerphone or voice memos, it depends on whether you’re recording video with the front or rear facing cameras.

Did the issue start right after you replaced the battery? If so It’s possible some damage was done to the charge port assembly, which houses the microphones also the bottom edge of the phone. If this is the case, you’ll likely need a new charge point assembly.

I would also double check that the grilles on the bottom of the phone are free of debris.

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I dont remember having any issues with the microphone after replacing it, but I might be wrong. I have dropped it a couple times though


Ok so I checked my ifixit history and I did the xr battery replacement guide on october 28, and I did multiple calls on that day and after with no problems so I don't think the repair caused the problem. However after looking through call history I think the microphone problems started on November third. Hope that helps


@pulpiosis Could be that it was unrelated,, I just tend to lean towards that as a possibility in cases where an issue showed up after a repair.

I would try to isolate which mic is affected and replace whichever cable assembly it's on.


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