I'm having this same "no crank in reverse" problem

So I'm having this same "no crank in reverse" problem. I've read a few of your solutions in the past and I've gotta say, you're the man!

Quick background, I've rewired an '89 Ezgo Marathon with the gas engine. It will crank and run in forward but not even a click of the solenoid in reverse. I followed your continuity test from this thread and I DO NOT have continuity between the posts marked for those. I'm curious what this is points to? I have a new FNR switch. I (thought) I followed the EzGo wiring diagram in the factory manual to a T but clearly I'm missing something.

I should also mention I don't have a wire going to the bottom prong of the driver side micro switch. Per the wiring diagram I should have something going from there to the negative marked on the backup alarm, then jumping from it to the solenoid? I'm including pictures of my FNR switch for reference. I'd appreciate any advice!

Block Image

Block Image

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@harrisonarcher interesting that it works as should in Forward but total failure in Reverse. Let's see if we can figure out what might be the cause for this. I wonder if it is the "missing wire" that contributes to this.


I was hoping you might know 😁


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