Fridge has power to the back, no lights are on nor is the fridge runni

We just purchased a fridge off of fb marketplace and it was running when we got it, got it home plugged it in and nothing is working. I tested voltage to the back of fridge and on the circuit board and it’s hot. No light on in fridge and compressor is not running

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Hi @donalbertson,

Please confirm the full model number of the refrigerator?


@jayeff the model number is 111.71219613 I believe so



Unfortunately I can't help too much with this model.

I think it is a rebadged Daewoo refrigerator made for Kenmore

Here's a list of the parts that may help.

I can't find any thing else regarding the model, other than the user manual which has just a very basic troubleshooting section which doesn't address the problem.

Looking at an image of the control board it looks like it might be the sort that controls all functions

Presumably you checked the voltage at the fuse on the control board was OK?


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