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Repair guides and support for your Philips TV.

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58pus8545 no image on the screen

(Also dutch but wil reply in English)

I have the same TV with the same problem. My description;

Based on this description;

the Philips assigned Repair Company “cerepair” told me that the parts likely needed to fix this (buffer board?) would likely not be available. I recieved an offer to a new similar TV, but it does not feel right.

What can i do instead of buying new Philips TVs that end up on the garbage pile within 3 years?

I want something that is repairable and supports a circular economy.

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@holland91713 does this "browse through the menu with the remote control" mean you can see the menu,even when your screen does not display anything else?

Right now, it does not seem to matter which brand of TV's we buy. They all seem to fail pretty quick. Philips is not a bad brand (no worse than the rest) but what is important is the possibility to repair those TV's. If they make service manuals and schematics available, at least those devices can be repaired. Companies like Toshiba, Vizio, and the cheaper store brands like TCL, Hisense etc in general do not. Toshiba is paranoid and utilize an army of lawyers to prevent repair (That is a brand nobody should ever buy) and the rest just considers their TV's as disposable. At least with Philips, Samsung, and others like Panasonic you have a chance of getting service documents, which will help. They are not really supportive of repair but are the lesser of the evil.

Philip is just weird about their manuals. you can never find them by your model number. They go by chassis number. Like in the case of your TV it is a TPM20.1E LA chassis


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@holland91713 couple of things that can be going on here. First it is possible that this is a backlight array (LED strips inside of your panel) Philips is known to have issues with the backlight. We will need to know if you continue to have sound. From what I understand is that your TV screen turns black while watching TV. If that is so and if you maintain sound, next time it turns black , dim the room where the TV is on and shine a flashlight beam at an angle against the screen. See if you can make out any shapes, silhouettes etc. If so, it is your LED strips. Those can be replaced. It is not very difficult but cumbersome.

IF you do not see anything etc, then the issue can be board related. For that we would need to see your boards, interconnect ribbon cables etc. You would also need a multimeter where we could try and find some test points that you could check.

I wonder if you would know by any chance which "buffer board"cerepair may have referred to.

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