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Released in May 2018, this is a plus version of the Samsung Galaxy A6, upgrading the screen from 5.6" to 6.0" and the 16 megapixel camera to a 24 megapixel camera.

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The charging jack problem

The charging jack of my phone is damaged and the charging keeps shaking when I plug in the charging cable.The charging jack of my phone is damaged, it keeps shaking when the charging cable is connected, how can it be fixed, please help me.

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Rohit, unfortunately your charging jack is mounted directly on the motherboard so unlike other Samsung models, there isn't a separate part that can be replaced to fix the charging port.

I'm afraid you're going to have to find someone experienced in microsoldering who can remove and replace that tiny port from your motherboard. I consider myself fairly talented at soldering but I would hesitate to attempt this one on my own; if you're not really good at it I wouldn't recommend trying to fix it yourself.

The closest I can come to offering you help is this guide showing you how to remove the motherboard so you can get to the charging jack, but after that I'm afraid you're on your own.

Manuales / Samsung Galaxy A6+ / Motherboard

Otherwise the only thing you could do would be to replace the entire motherboard, which is basically going to be the same as replacing the whole phone.

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Hi @rohitsaxen93718,

Here's the part number for the charge port connector - 3722-003954

Search online using the part number to find suppliers that suit you best


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