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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation iPhone SE that was announced and released in April of 2020.

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iPhone SE 2020 after change screen and phone goes extremely hot & died


I was swapping to a new screen and since the home button don't work, I switch back to the original screen, then the phone goes extremely hot and can't charge it a short circuit problem? This is the only phone i have!!! any hope I can get my phone back on? Thank you.. I need some hopes here!

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Did you ever resolve this? I've just done the same thing, new screen and the phone gets really hot. Turns out the front ear speaker was hissing and causing one of the audio amplifier chips to boil. My phone is fine when speaker unit is removed. I wonder if it's related to what you had, possible common fault?


@therbz Did you transfer over the ear speaker from your original screen? Or the new screen came with one?


@flannelist Yea I did, the replacement screen didn’t come with camera and button. So I must have done something wrong when doing the swap, maybe the speaker’s spring contacts shorted. I don’t have another speaker to test whether the speaker is fried or the amplifier chip on the motherboard. All I know is it was perfectly fine beforehand.


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Have a look if all the covers are installed properly on the mother board and check if all the Flex cables are connected if they are and it still gets hot and does not charge you probably damaged the mother board while you were repairing it if you did it is not worth fixing and yea what the others said check if your ear speaker works or is making a hissing sound

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I’d just add check the flex cables one by one to see whether it’s lcd or camera unit or home button at fault


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