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The Sony VAIO VPCEB4AFX is a 15.5-inch laptop computer released by Sony in April 2008. The laptop was only sold in a gunmetal black color.

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Help! I can't find my Screen

I have an old Sony VAIO VPCEB25FX (the one that is on here is the closest) and I need to replace the LCD Screen. I can't find an affordable (~$100) replacement. All the places I see online show it as discontinued or out of stock. Is there a more modern equivalent that won't break the bank?

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Hi Viven,

I don't have an answer for you, but I may be able to offer you a suggestion that will help you find a replacement. You see, most of the time laptop manufacturers don't make their own screens; they buy them from display manufacturers or other divisions within their own company.

The point is, while cell phone manufacturers do design screens for each phone, laptop makers don't; they use existing screens and design around them. So what you want to do is open up the display, look on the back and find the manufacturer's label showing their name and model number of the screen itself.

Once you have that information you can use it to search for a replacement. I've had good luck doing it that way both in terms of finding a screen that wasn't available and being able to locate an alternative supply that was much cheaper.

I'll keep looking, but up to now haven't located either a service manual with a parts list or a guide to replacing the LCD, so you may be on your own figuring out how to open it up to find the LCD model information. I'll let you know if anything shows up.

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