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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Why is my smart top load washing machine stuck in drain/spin cycle?

I have model WTW7120HO smart top load, it came on one day by its self and was just stuck in between like drain/spin. Unplugged several times plug back in still stuck eventually goes off and unlocks door. Cant run a cycle, on control board green light near connection for drain pump is stuck on then blinks, unplug it the cycle its stuck in goes off. Replaced drain pump kind of reset its self briefly but doing the same thing again. Gives codes for long drain, control board and everything else. No one has a clue and everyone wants a lot of money to help. The control board is $260 and up and non returnable and I also do not know if it is the issue. Machine is only 2 years old and cost way too much but covid times there was not much to choose from in a crunch. If anyone could please help me. I am so frustrated

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Hi @lauradoherty

What is the model number of the washer, as there is a WTW7120HWO and a WTW7120HCO but no WTW7120HO? This is to ensure the correct spare parts can be linked in case a replacement part is required.

A flashing LED indicates that the power supply is OK and that the processor on the control board is working

A steady or no LED indicates a possible control problem i.e. control board or some component on the control panel.

Here's the tech sheet for the washer that will help to isolate what and where the problem may be.

Note: You will need to have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it safely in the presence of exposed lethal AC voltage, as "live" testing is required. If you don't have one or know how to use one, then don't do it, it's not worth it. Call an expert.

Go to p.15 to view the troubleshooting steps shown in TEST #1: Main Control (ACU). Following the steps may help to isolate whether the problem is in the control board or in the control panel e.g. keys and control knob components etc.

If it turns out that the control board is faulty, the part number for the board is W11419051. The same board is used in both the models listed above. Search online using the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best. As you said, it's not cheap.

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