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1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core Duo processor

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Display super, dark barely visible, even with new Parts

I had my Macbook Pro for about 4,5 years when it suddenly while in use faded to black - well, the screen did.

But very strange was the fact, that you could still slighty see the image that the screen was displaying, but as if the lights totally went out. So my mac service provider checked it and figured, the display is broken - replacement was very expensive.

So i replaced it myself with a new spare display from ebay. That all worked fine, but with the first power up, the problem showed itself in the same way. Nothing changed.

Then i also replaced the display inverter, again, same problem, nothing changed.

Realizing, that the professional already must have been wrong with his analysis and having exchanged all crucial parts - what is wrong with the mashine? The graphic card still perfectly works with an external screen. Could it be a cable issue?

I would be so glad to hear about this...

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Hi. It's not good news unfortunately.

It's usually assumed that a dim screen has either a dead inverter (most common) or a blown backlight bulb, but just once in a while, it goes like yours has, and the mainboard is at fault....

Your mainboard isn't sending power to the inverter (12v goes in, and then the inverter, well it inverts :) and makes the 12volts into 700-1000volts depending on laptop model. This is completely separate from the actual screen/picture circuit, that's why it's fine on an external screen. The only bit you've lost is the initial power to the screens bulb(s).

It's worth carefully checking the full wiring from the mainboard to the inverter just in case it has a break in, but most likely that a part of the mainboard needs an SMD level repair by a professional who completely understands how the circuit works.

It's usually very expensive to replace the full mainboard on any MAC :(

If you decide to check the inverter is getting it's power, please only do so if you're completely familiar with electronics and high voltage stuff, as the inverter can hurt/kill when touched.

Hope that helps in some way.

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