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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for the first 13-inch MacBook Air to feature Apple's Arm-based M1 SoC (with an 8-core CPU and up to an 8-core GPU). Released in November 2020 and identified by model numbers A2337 or EMC 3598.

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Trackpad Circuit Board Not Included With Upper Case/Keyboard Assembly

I spilled a drink on my Late 2020 M1 Macbook Air, and in the process of investigating whether I would be able to get away with replacing just the trackpad or would have to replace the whole keyboard as well, I accidentally snapped off one of the connectors on the PCB assembly just above the trackpad that seemingly acts as an intermediary between the trackpad, the keyboard, and the motherboard.

I searched the part number of the PCB assembly (820-02005-01) and the best price I could find was $35 on Ali Baba with FREE 2 week shipping (lucky me!); most sellers were charging $100 or more for a part of dubious origin. I also attempted to remove the board from my original upper case assembly so I could maybe attempt to re-solder the connector, and it's so firmly glued to the assembly that I started to splinter the PCB before it actually came loose. Unfortunate, but oh well - I ordered a new trackpad, trackpad cable, and upper case + keyboard assembly.

The parts came in and before I even opened up the ESD bag for the upper case assembly, I noticed the single, tiny piece of PCB which, was the reason I ordered the entire new upper case + keyboard assembly in the first place, isn't included on the new assembly at all. Customer support didn't have an answer and suggested I ask here.

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About two years ago we had someone here needing this board as well. You’ll need to dig a bit into the older posts see if you can find it. He found a supplier. In the morning I’ll take a stab to tired now.

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