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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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I can't get the control lock off.

I can't even find a picture of my washer when it comes to this matter. It says to press and hold the control lock button for 3 seconds, there is no button there it's just the light. This is a whirlpool duet front loading steam washer and the control lock light is on I've got to do laundry please help me please help me today

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@mathildajobson it really depends on what exact model your Duet washer is. On a Duet WFW8300SW, WFW8500SW, WFW8500SR, you would need to select and hold END OF CYCLE SIGNAL for 3 seconds until the CONTROL LOCKED Status light turns off.

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Actually, mathildajobson was correct. Press and hold the END OF CYCLE SIGNAL for 3 seconds or untill the CONTROL LOCKED status light turns off. The end of cycle signal button is found on the right side of the panel the offers (3) options with red lights: Louder, Softer,and Off. The button is found below the 3 options. Press and hold the button for around 3 seconds or until the Control Locked light goes out!. I could not find my Model Number. Mathilda Jobson was right. He just didn't finish telling where to find the END OF CYCLE SIGNAL. lesh1670@gmail


I do not have a button that says end of cycle on this washing machine but it is a Whirlpool front load washer


I cannot seem to get it out of control lock



What is the model number of your washer?


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