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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Whirlpool wtw5000w3 New lid Lock added, doesn't lock no Knob options!

I just replaced the whirlpool lid lock with one that is normally Partially open stopping the striker from entering.

Parts store said it opens up when connected to washer. So far it hasn't done so.

I manually push in the main sensor switch fool it to be closed then try to run the washer.

When turning the knob the led doesn't light up any options. Unable to select any.

I am able to select the diagnostics. I recalibarated used the spin and drain test. errors showup in diagnostic.

F41 E1 Lid Switch Fault

E41 E21 Lid Unlock Fault

F41 E2 Lid Lock Fault

F421 E41 Shifter Fault. The Actuator was removed and tested before replacing the Lid Lock.

I am thinking the control board shorted when removing the old Lid Lock. But the Led behind the controller is lit and I was told that means its good. But seems to only partially good.

1st question and lid locks normally partially open?

2nd question clearing the errors will remove the errors hence will show up when recalibrating if they are still there.

Please someone help me setup the washer. Thanks.

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Hi @xxshockxtroopxx

Here's the tech sheet for the washer that should help.

Go to p.12 to view the lid lock connections on the control board's P6 connector to make sure that the wires are connected correctly to their respective connection terminals.

If that end is OK see p.18 Test #8 Lid Lock, and follow that through to see if it resolves the problem.

See Test #3a Drive System – Shifter on p.13 to find out what's wrong with the shifter operation

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Thanks for the help. I still need to know if the Lid lock is suppose to be partially open at normal. It doesn't allow the lid to close to perform tests. I have to manually push it to remove Lock error.



I would have thought that the lock would be fully open to allow the lid to be opened and closed without a problem to allow the clothes to be placed in, the lid shut and then the machine started.

Once started the lock would operate to keep the lid locked during the wash.

Wonder if you've got a faulty lock, also here's a video that shows how to replace the lock in case it is not positioned correctly somehow. Just covering all bases with this ;-)


@jayeff STEVE Is AWSOME!! yes it was a faulty lock. I saw it was partially open and questioned it might be in the locked position. they don't refund you the money. I called them and asked them about the partial closure and they acted like they don't know what I'm talking about. This lock did not open up all the way back.

They said it would fully release once connected to the washer. Nothing like that happened. I returned it and got a fully opened one. It doesn't engage no click. I am getting one from eBay for 60% less than that one. If that one works I definitely will be posting feedback on the store.

I installed the and it doesn't show Red LED up as it did before. I think the washer shorted the board or the lock has a coil that doesn't work when powered. I didn't check for power to the lock. There is a click in the back of main board when the washer gets energized 2 separate clicks. Green LED in the back is lit and all the LEDS and sensor work. New error code is F5E2.

If i wire it up to a power source.



F5 E2 is still a lid lock problem

If you have an Ohmmeter check the lock resistance tests as show on p.18 in the tech sheet I linked.

At least that will tell you if the problem is in the lock or the board


@jayeff it might be the board. I have to wait until friday for another lock to come in the mail. and a refurb board. I so happen to open up the one i had and the spring disappeared when i opened it. I literally didn't see it at all. i was expecting it. so now i wait. i did a test without it and the resistance was within range and the other wired were ok.


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