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The RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 is a sleek entry-level smartphone that delivers some nice design enhancements and great performance

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blackberry still white screen after new one

i have white screen on blackberry curve even after new one but i put the screen on another bb phone and it works so i think its got to be something wrong with the mainboard but i can,t see whats wrong with it can anyone help please

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my blackberry won't start,all I see is app error,what can I do???


my blackberry stop working all i see is whitescreen


ween i open may blackberry hi put error what the problem and how to fix it


it wont let me install balckberry desktop manger what do i do ??? helpp meee please


my phone, i still get all the messages calls and everything and it has a short in it and i have tried many times to help you any help :(


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phil, it is possible that this is caused by run down internal CMOS battery. the phone may have lost the boot settings and operating system. Just in case, you can follow the steps outlined here

" 1) Make sure you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed.

2) On your PC, go to Start > Run and copy and paste the following line exactly (meaning with the quotation marks):

"c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader\loader.exe" /nojvm

3) The Application Loader Wizard will appear -- click "Next."

4) In the "Connection:" drop-down menu, you should see "USB-PIN: UNKNOWN". Click the "Next" button.

5) You should then see a list of applications ready to be installed for your Blackberry. Hit Next and Finish. Don't disconnect anything and let the lengthy process finish completely." this info is from here.

If that does not resolve your issue, try to bridge the solder points on the filters. The diagram is available here. Those should of course be the last resort. Hope this helps to get you started. Good Luck.

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thank you for your help i will do the 5 steps but i,m stuck on the solder points i don,t know were they are what part of the phone are they on the mainboard or the case. thanx phil


phil, they are part of your logic board. Once you look at the diagram as well as your logic board, you will identify those, no problem:)


i did all 5 steps and still got white screen. so i guess this is my last option i hope it works. so if i,m looking at it right were the red circle is on the diagram just below is were the scroll pad goes coz i,m looking at it right now and its got a metal case over it so i don,t know what i,m surpose to do what do u mean short the couplers. sorry to keep asking u questions i,m just finding it hard to locate it. thanx phil


See the blue part in the diagram? That is just to show how to bridge the contacts. Let me see if I can find a good pic of the logic board to point it out...


so its on the metal casing, is it the 3 holes


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different models of the screen for the 8520, check the mapping in the cable of the clip for the screen to match the replacement.

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Took me some time to figure this out and the answer lay with Scores suggestion that there are multiple LCDs for the 8520.

Before you purchase a new LCD for your phone disassemble down to the lcd and check the model number on the back of it.

There may be a 2mm lining of black tape on the top and bottom so using a case opening tool peel back this tape to reveal the last few digits.

The magic number for me for repairs of this model of phone is 113/114

If you have the wrong part you may get;

A white screen


Fuzzy colours on screen with a faint border of the apps.

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