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Released September 20, Apple's flagship 2019 smartphone features a 5.8" OLED display, a triple-lens rear camera, and greatly improved battery life. Successor to the iPhone XS.

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Why I can't find an OLED screen replacement

Hi There!

my iPhone 11 pro screen is broken and I'm on stage where accepted that it's time to fix it.
Unfortunately, iFixit sells only the LCD screen for iPhone 11 Pro. I really want to replace it with OLED.

Found a few repair shops and everyone told me that they can put LCD in the iPhone 11 Pro model. If I want an OLED I need to go to the Apple store.

iFixit sells OLED for iPhone 11 Pro Max but for 11 Pro only LCD.

Wanted to ask you why I can't find OLED for iPhone 11 Pro?

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@kosmonaft I'm not sure if you were looking at the right site but I found the oled screen sold by ifixit here.

Imagem de iPhone 11 Pro Screen


iPhone 11 Pro Screen


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Sadly for the last few months, it's unavailable for Australia


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I'm at a loss to understand why you're having trouble finding a screen for your phone, even in the Down Under. I've replaced quite a few aftermarket OLED screens on iPhone X's and can't see a difference in quality between them and the original Apple screen. My go-to sites are usually Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. I don't know about Amazon's support for shipping to AU, but a quick check of brought up several to choose from; here's an example.

iPhone X XR XS MAX 11 Pro LCD OLED Screen Replacement Touch Digitizer Display!!

And one from AliExpress; quite a bit cheaper.

OLED Pantalla For iphone 11 11 Pro Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly For iPhone 11 Pro 11Promax LCD 3D Touch Replacement - AliExpress

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Thank you Jerry!

If there is availability on ebay (or AliExpress), any idea why non of the repair shops (I checked 4) said that they can't do OLED?

All of them said if you want OLED you need to go to Apple.

Additionally, do you have any experience with the OLED screens from AliExpress? Are they good?


@kosmonaft I don't know why your repair shops are saying that unless they are being absolutely fixated on using genuine Apple screens for some reason. The thing is, they don't get that much of a price discount from Apple, so their repair prices are close to and sometimes higher than that of Apple's cost.

But no, it is absolutely not true that you cannot get OLED screens anywhere but Apple. As I mentioned, I've gotten several for iPhone X's that are OLED and not made by Apple.

I have used OLED screens from AliExpress. Now keep in mind these are my grandchildren's phones and not mine so I don't use them every day and know the nuances inside and out, but on a visual examination when I installed the screens I couldn't tell the difference between the original and the replacement. There's going to be a lot of variation in quality on AliExpress so look for ones with good ratings and lots of sales, but for a cheap screen AliExpress is absolutely the way to go.


@kosmonaft One possible reason the repair shops don't want to do iPhone OLED screens is that as of the iPhone 11, Apple has started pairing the screen with the logic board. Functionality is not affected, but you will get a warning message when you log in telling you that they are unable to determine if the screen is a genuine Apple screen - whether or not it actually is a genuine Apple screen. After a couple of weeks that pop up message will finally go away, but an alert to that effect will remain in your settings permanently.

The only way to get around that warning is to transfer the touch module chip from the original display to the replacement; a process that requires expert level microsoldering skills that even most repair shops won't attempt. Outside of that, paying Apple to replace the screen is the only other option; Apple's self repair program only starts at the iPhone 12 so owners of earlier phones are out of luck.


@kosmonaft Rereading your initial post, I see they're willing to do LCD replacements which *definitely* aren't genuine Apple, so I'm at a loss to explain why they can't or won't do aftermarket OLED; there's no shortage and they're a LOT cheaper, which of course is the whole point to aftermarket parts in the first place.


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