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Why won't console turn on?

Hello to who ever answers. I have recently noticed that my DSI xl won't turn on, even after being charged for several hours. When I try to turn it on, the blue light will flash for a second then turn off. It's really strange.

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do you remember dropping it?

could it have gotten wet?

is anything on it failing or faulty before it stopped turning on?

has it been repaired recently?

does the bottom screen flash white? does the top screen flash white?


I've had this console for a very long time and don't really recall much about damaging it. None of the screens flash white. I have not had it repaired recently. I do know that I have not used it in a while and it's very old. Thank You.


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If you haven't used it for say, more than a year, the battery has probably self-discharged to the point that it has triggered the undervoltage protection. If that has happened, it cannot be charged anymore.

You can try charging it for another few hours, and if that still doesn't work, you may have to replace the battery.

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