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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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My MacBook won't turn on

Nothing seems to work as a fix, however, I can register that the laptop charges and the taptic touchpad clicks - does this mean the logic board isn't the issue?? Still no fan spin or anything else. Could be a shorted logic board also?

I've taken it to the Apple store, and they reported it as water damage. It's a work device so I don't actually know what happened to it. Could replacing/cleaning the power button work?

Ive already taken the logic board out and inspected everything - no signs of corrosion or liquid damage

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The power button is more than a means to turn on! It’s also the key to access your system. It is married (no divorce possible) to the logic board so you would need two switch out both!

As far as the the TouchPad clicking that only tells us that part of the logic is getting some power.

Then how do you know the system is charging? Do you see the icon on the display?

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Thanks for the reply Dan.

I was hoping that as this was a liquid spill, I would only need to take the power button out to clean it and remove any sticky residue, as it feels tingy and wobbles in the casing - not normal. The only reason that I can tell it’s charging is by the trackpad still clicking for a while after i unplug it from the charger. What do you recommend I do - I want to avoid having to buy anew logic board as this model is quite expensive with 64gb of memory and all that jazz


@aidenmackay - What can you tell us on what preceded not turning on? Maybe we are going down the wrong path here.

Cleaning the button is a very delicate task as you can easily damage it. You see the TouchID part sits on top of a small circuit board area which holds the blister power switch that then connects to the logic board. While still a bit different, here’s an example what you face, review Step 14 in this guide MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Teardown that round part is the blister switch and the solder joints hold it to the board. It’s likely this area was damaged by a spill.


@aidenmackay I would say your take the power button and and clean it up is a good first start. You need to remove quite a lot to get at it as well, so you'll notice if anything else looks amiss, or has liquid. It may be though, that electronics inside the button are at fault, so a replacement might be necessary.

An easy way to check is just disconnect the power button/Touch ID sensor from the board, then connect it back to power and see if that helps. If the issue is within the power button, disconnecting it may allow the machine to boot up normally.


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