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This highly-versatile device is called the Sony Alpha NEX-5N. It is a camera designed for those who are looking for both a high-quality camera and video recording device, with several creative features.

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The buttons on the wheel is jumping uncontrollably, it's going up and

I don't know why this happened. Maybe it's because I drop it? Maybe because it got wet?

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I don’t think it’s water damage, since it sounds like you’re talking about the mechanical mode dial. Can you send a video so we can see what’s going on?

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sure, and also how do i send a video?


ok, i figure it out and l just sent the video


oh yeah i also notice that the pattern of it change. i notice that every few min the direction become different from before


Oh, yeah, that actually might be water damage. Does it have a touchscreen?


yes it has toachscreen, can i disable like the wheel?

sorry for the latre reply and also good eve or morning


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