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Manufacturer Part Number 100015685 Serial Number: G5KDCZ0670L5

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How to factory reset ONN?

How to factory reset ONN tablets ? i have one with PIN numbers i want to do factory reset . Other one when i click on Volume and power button together it is showing in Chineese . How to change to eNglish language . Please help

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The one that's showing in Chinese you could another one dive and search a translator until you get the device reset. The one you just asking about resetting you said it yourself turn the device off, push and hold the power button and one of the volume button ( you can Google search to find out which volume button) and follow the instructions when the pop up.

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go to settings>system>reset options>erase all data (factory reset)

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You can also turn it off completely, then when you hit the power button and it starts to come on hit and hold the power button and either the volume up or down button, not sure which. Then follow on screen instructions it the tiny type that pops up.


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